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Abundant Senior Living Solutions is here to help you find the perfect senior living situation for yourself or your loved ones. The process can be overwhelming and in any given area, there are hundreds of op­tions to choose from! Finding the “right” place can be challenging. Abundant Senior Living Solutions is a free service that helps seniors find the perfect place to live unique to your wants and needs! If you’re in or around the San Antonio TX area and you need to find a senior living community, an assisted living facility, memory care or even dementia care, our team is ready to help you tour each place and find your new home at no cost to you! 

At Abundant we are committed to simplify­ing the process of helping you find the perfect senior living community for you and your family. We are a local, community-based service, offer­ing a personal service that is specific to your unique needs. We focus on helping seniors find the right community that meets their financial needs and personal preferences.

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Independent Living
Helping seniors find
  • Fitness Center, swimming pool, an active social calendar, onsite beauty salon, coffee lounge, bar and gameroom.
  • Offering one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments, and three-bedroom villas with at­ tached garages.
  • Enjoy group or independent activities at all levels. 
A Helping Hand
When You Need It
  • Each resident provided with unique care plan to fit their needs.
  • 24 Hour emergency and care staff available.
  • Works with you, your family and your physician to provide the care needed. 
Memory Care
One Step at a Time
  • Offering licenced Alzheimer’s care providers.
  • Trained staff in dementia-related diseases and delivering person-centered care.
  • Specifically catering to clients with memory problems, dementia and Alzheimer’s. Offering communities that specialize in helping with behavioral issues.

The "Abundant" Process

At Abundant Senior Living Solutions, we care about making your decision as stress-free as possible. We understand the circumstances that can prompt your search, from a simpler stress-free lifestyle in an Independent Living community  to minimal or moderate assistance in an Assisted Living community, or the details of care needed for a Memory Care community. Each of our advocates has a wealth of knowledge and resources to provide you with valuable information for assistance in your situation. Once we’ve learned more about your unique needs, we dedicate ourselves to helping you find the ideal living environment.

Through our years of dedication to our seniors, we have seen firsthand the positive effect the “right” community can have on enhancing the lives of our clients. Abundant Senior Living Solutions is an elite service, we will provide you all the resources you need to guide you on the journey—and best of all, our services are completely free.

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Things to consider when choosing the right place to live as a senior, and how we can help you:

Choosing an assisted living facility can be difficult. You want to make sure you are getting the place that best suits the needs of you or your loved one. There are several steps you can take to evaluate assisted living facilities and choose the one that is right for you. Abundant Senior Living Solutions is a FREE Service for seniors to help them find the right place to live that is unique to their wants and needs!
We will:
Assess your needs. Before we can help you choose the right facility, we need to determine your physical, monetary, and everyday life needs. What is going to be important to you in an assisted living home? Separate the things that you “must have” from the things that you “want” and prioritize your list of requirements. Once you have established exactly what you are looking for, we can help you begin evaluating all the different facilities. And we won’t let anyone pressure you! We’ll let you take your time to make this important decision!
Know what questions to ask. We’ll help you take tours of all the places that you’re considering. Check out the rooms to see whether they are clean and nicely decorated. Make sure you can decorate your own room if you want to. Look at the safety and security procedures; for example, look for sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers. Also, note if there are EXTRA security measures for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. Not to forget to go outdoors and check the grounds to see if there is room to walk around.
Study the fees and the contracts. We’ll help you understand any contracts and what services are included in the monthly fees. Find out what is available for extra costs. We encourage you to take the contract home to look at it thoroughly or to have an elder law attorney review it.
Find out about the staff. We’ll help you find out how many staff members are at each place. The lower the staff-to-patient ratio (we always ask about this), the better. Find out how the staff is trained and how long they have been with the facility. Ask to see staff training manuals if you can. Find out how the facility hires staff. Do they do criminal background checks and check references? How is the staff turnover there?
Look into the medical services. Some facilities may offer free transportation to the doctor. Others may have a doctor or other various medical personnel on staff. We’ll check to see if the place offers or can arrange for delivery of your prescription medicines. What about transportation to medical appointments? In addition, at some facilities residents can purchase basic medical supplies (such as insulin) onsite. We find out what happens if a resident’s health deteriorates. What type of assessments are done and how?
Find out what types of activities are offered. Together, we’ll look at the upcoming activity schedules to see if they are activities you or your loved one would be interested in. Do they have offsite as well as onsite activities? Do they have activities for family members to participate in? If religious services are important, find out if the facility offers services onsite or at a nearby location. Do these activities appeal to you?
Observe the staff in action. We will not only tour each facility together; we’ll stick around when meals are served and observe! Or we can observe a certain activity to see how the staff treats residents. We may even ask to stay overnight; some facilities allow prospective residents and/or their families to stay overnight to assess the facility.
Look for accreditation or licensing reports. We’ll help you see all the accreditation each facility has as well as read their online reviews! Also remember to read online reviews about the place you are considering. These online reviews can reveal a lot!
We can also get information about choosing an assisted living facility through the Assisted Living Consumer Alliance, Consumer Consortium on Assisted Living, a consumer advocacy group, and Leading Age, a membership organization for non-profit assisted living facilities and other aging services providers. Abundant Senior Living Solutions has access to a lot of information that will help you make the best choice! Our services are completely FREE, give us a call today!

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